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Printronix appoints Isatong as distributor of TallyGenicom products and services in West Africa

Isatong is excited to announce that it has been appointed by Printronix as distributor of TallyGenicom printing products in West Africa. Printronix acquired TallyGenicom U.S. assets including the intellectual property, inventory, and equipment necessary to offer TallyGenicom’s line-matrix and laser printer series. Following this acquisition, Printronix has appointed Isatong as distributor of TallyGenicom Printers in West Africa. Isatong is able to provide resellers and customers with all range of TallyGenicom printing solution, because we supply products and operate technical support centers for TallyGenicom for more than 20 years.

Since 1974, Printronix Inc. has created innovative printing solution for industrial marketplace and supply chain. The company is a worldwide leader in enterprise solutions for line-matrix printing and has earned an outstanding reputation for its high-performance thermal bar code and fanfold laser printing solutions. Printronix also has become an established leader in pioneering technologies, including radio frequency identification (RFID) printing, bar code compliance and networked printer management. Printronix is headquartered in Irvine, California. Printronix plan to market the TallyGenicom brand and lineup in parallel with the Printronix-branded product and solutions portfolio.


Isatong started business in Nigeria 20 years ago as Technology Consulting and Information Systems distribution company, In the same year Isatong was appointed sole distributor of Motorola Computers and Mannessman Tally Printers in Nigeria and other West African Countries and we were responsible for introducing these products in Nigeria. In 1995, Isatong, Inc started in the United States to provide IT consulting services in the US and technology export to Africa.

Today, Isatong is an international company which provides products and services in the field of Information Technology, Information Security, Document Management Solution, Information Storage Transformation and Engineering Services. Following the recent acquisition of certain US assets of TallyGenicom, Printronix has appointed Isatong to be distributor of TG printing products in West Africa. Isatong USA is also in the position to supply TallyGenicom Printers in East Africa, particularly in Kenya where Isatong is currently pursuing IT business opportunities. Isatong USA bring to the table marketing and technical support to resellers and customers in West Africa. Our location in the U.S. with Printronix gives us the benefit to forge closer relationship with Printronix technical staff to promptly resolve technical issues leading to enhanced customer support to resellers and end users. For Further information please visit

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